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RAMMS Multimedia Solutions      Website Promotion Tips -  Top 30 Copy Writing
RAMMS  Website Promotion Web Content Articles Top 30 Copy Writing Principles!

Website Promotion Tips -Top 30 Copy Writing Principles!

    Top 30 Copy Writing Principles!

Bright Ideas to Promote your websiteTop 30 Copy Writing Principles!
by Wild Bill

1. The Right Product for the Right Target Group:

Make sure that you are promoting a product that is useful and/or desirable to the audience you are targeting.

2. Use Attention Getting Headlines:

You web site will have or should have much useful information embedded within. Just like direct advertising, you must be sure that you have a great headline to get your reader's attention.

3. Expand Headline with Lead Paragraph:

Follow up the headline immediately with the first paragraph. If you ask a question, answer it. If you propose a thought, explain it. Don't leave them hanging too long, you may end up hanging yourself.

4. Draw the Reader In:

Avoid page and advertising layouts that are confusing or hard to read. Reading your message should be a pleasure to read. Keep your copy simple, clear and concise. Talk to your reader as you would a friend or family member. Be straight and sincere with them. Spell it out and explain point that need explaining.
Don't leave your reader second-guessing your copy.

5. Support your Opening Idea:

When you plant that opening idea, build on it and support it. List your strongest and key points. Don't just tell your reader you're better, state (brief) facts why!

6. Focus on the Reader, not the Product:

Of course your copy must contain information and facts about your product or service, but that is not your focal point. You must focus the reader. Use their needs, wants, desires, fears, weaknesses, concerns, and even fantasies to sell your product or service.

7. Empathize with your Reader:

Many buyers have firm beliefs and strong feelings for the type of product that they are interested in. Share their enthusiasm; support them in their interests outside the product itself.

8. Use the "That's Right!" Principle:

Get your prospect to agree with you. Tell them something they know already. Get them to say to themselves, "That's Right!"

9. Ask Provocative Questions:

Leading into your copy or headline with thought provoking questions will grab the reader's interest and move them to read more for the answer.

10. Move Quickly from Intro to the Pitch:

Don't waste your reader's time trying to "warm them up". If they got that far, there's blood flowing already. People are busy creatures. If you lose their interest, you neither sell nor profit. Get on with it!

11. Be Sincere:

What's the number one fallback for sales on the web? Fear! Fear of being scammed or ripped-off. The more sincere you are the better your chance of building a "selling" relationship.

12. Don't Contradict Yourself:

Double-check your copy. You would be surprised to know that many copywriters unknowingly contradict themselves leaving the reader suspicious, thus destroying your credibility with them.

13. Keep Your Focus Aligned:

The more focused your target group, the better your chance of meeting their needs. Don't try to sell everyone!

14. Make Your Product Irresistible:

Dress it up. Your product should sound like the cream of the crop. Focus on your selling point (price, quality, etc) and make it impossible for the reader to imagine another in comparison.

15. Use Fear as Motivation:

Fear is both a weakness and strength, but also a powerful selling tool. Fear of injury, death or missed opportunity. If you sell a safety product you would use this fear to your advantage. If you're offering an opportunity, the fear of missing their chance is a
strong seller.

16. Anticipate Problems and Complaints:

Don't avoid or hide a possible problem with your product or service. Address it in a positive manner. This creates a sense of goodwill between seller and buyer.

17. Flattery will get you everywhere:

Yes, everyone likes to hear a little flattery. Keyword here is "little". Don't overdo it!

18. Be Personable:

Let them know that there is a kind, honest and real person behind the page. People would rather deal with people, not companies, corporations or conglomerates. Add the "Human Touch" to your copy.

19. It's Guaranteed:

A guarantee reassures the reader that you are reputable and will live up to your promises.

20. Use "Power"ful Words:

"Power" words are words that move a buyer by enhancing and reinforcing your presented idea. Certain words have proven to be movers and shakers in the advertising world. For a limited list of some of the more popular "power words" check here:

21. Share a Secret:

People want to get the inside track. If you can convince your prospect that you have an exclusive message for them, you're one step closer to a sale.

22. Keep It Lively:

There are many ways to keep your copy lively. Telling a (brief) story is a strong technique for getting your message across. Separating and highlighting key information or facts is another. Using personal pronouns like "you", we and us will add a sense of warmth to your copy. If you are publishing your own newsletter, use a personalized program such as the the one we use and market to put your readers on a first name basis. If you would like more info on ours Just Ask!

23. Go with the Flow:

Writing copy requires the ability to make a smooth transition from one point to another. Rather than laying them out like a list, learn to use transitional words. Transitional words are used to go from one point to another. For a list of some of the more popular transitional words and for your own reference, check here:

24. Check Your Spelling:

Take the time and spell check your work. Finding misspelled words in web copy leaves the reader wondering how competent your product or service could be, if you cannot take the time to be sure you spelled the words in your web copy correctly.

25. Use Photo's to Demonstrate:

Use photos to demonstrate your product or service. If used correctly a picture really is worth a thousand words.

26. Use Graphics to get Attention:

Using buttons, icons and arrows can help direct the reader's attention to important details. If organized correctly they can also help sort facts or messages into categories.

27. Offer Testimonials:

Offer short, reputable testimonials. People want to hear what others have to say about your product or service.

28. Create a Memorable Logo:

Create a simple, but memorable logo or custom graphic that your visitor can easily relate to your product or service.

29. Create an Unforgettable Slogan:

Use a short, easy to remember slogan that a reader will walk away with on his or her lips.

30. Get a Response:

There are many techniques for getting a prospect to respond. Spell it out for them. Tell them to respond. Tell them why they should respond. Give them a reason they should respond now. Offer a bonus or freebie if they respond. Don't require your reader to have a degree in computers to respond to you. Make it easy to do and give them choices of how to do it. If using an order form, make it inviting and easy to use.

Best to you in your Business Ad-Ventures!

"Wild Bill"


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